14th May 2017

Run Northumberland Tynedale Half Marathon 2017



Run Northumberland Tynedale Half Marathon 2017

The 2017 Tynedale Half Marathon will start and finish on Tyne Green.

The route will take in Tyne Green Country Park and run along the River Tyne to Warden and Fourstones. Returning along the banks of the Tyne to finish on Tyne Green.

UK Athletics License Applied For.

Race Details
Date Sunday 14th May 2017,
START Tyne Green, Hexham
Start Time 9:30 am
Registration Numbers and chips can be collected on the day at Wentworth Leisure Centre
Bag Drop Wentworth Leisure Centre
Changing Wentworth Leisure Centre
Parking Wentworth Car Park, Hexham
Water Stations Every 3 miles

 Course Map








Terms & Conditions  – all races

Entrants to RUN NATION half marathon events must be over the age of 17 on the day of the race. Running in an endurance race is a very rewarding experience, however it is not to be undertaken lightly. You need to be physically fit to complete the distance. If in doubt consult your doctor. Do not run if you are feeling unwell.

I agree to abide by the rules of UK Athletics and the event (note MP3’s and Ipods are not allowed). I understand that I enter the race at my own risk and that no person(s) or organisation(s) will be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to myself, prior to, during or after the event. I understand the organisers reserve the right to delay, postpone, cancel, or not officially time the race in the event of adverse weather conditions or other events outside the organisers control. The determination of what constitutes this is reserved solely by Run Nation.

Entry fees are non-defferable, non-refundable and non-transferable. Photographs of the race will be taken for publicity purposes. I understand that my image may be used and give permission for it to be used.